How do I get started at CrossFit Stewarton?

Joining a new gym can be intimidating. There are new people, new processes and a new environment. We have therefore created a week-long (3 session) Foundations Course, which is a prerequisite for all new CrossFit Stewarton members and enables them to find their feet in a small group environment.

The Foundations course is designed to introduce new athletes to the exercises that form the foundation of our classes. Over the course of three introductory sessions, you will learn safe and effective training techniques coupled with proven nutrition strategies to promote success on your fitness journey. The classes last one hour and are limited to six participants. This allows in depth coaching of each foundational movement in a slower paced, more detail-oriented environment than regular classes permit.

The Foundations program brings new members together in an optimal learning environment and guides you through the basics of CrossFit training to set you up for the real deal.

What content is covered on the Foundations course?

Table 1 outlines the content covered during the Foundations course.

Table 1: Content covered on the CrossFit Stewarton Foundations course for new members

When are the Foundations classes delivered?

Our Foundations sessions are delivered on Tuesday at 10.15am or 7.15pm, Thursday at 10.15am or 7.15pm and Saturday at 10.15am. All three sessions must be attended prior to integrating with the wider program of CrossFit Stewarton classes.

What if I can't make one of the Foundations classes?

If you are unable to make one of the Foundations sessions then you can attend the same class the following week, or book a separate Individual Coaching session with a member of our Coaching team.

How much does the Foundations course cost?

The cost of the Foundations course is £60, which includes your three Foundations sessions, introductory nutrition guide and the following three weeks Unlimited CrossFit membership, meaning that you can attend as many classes as you wish during the following three weeks. After your three weeks Unlimited membership, you can choose to remain an Unlimited member or drop down to the 3x per week membership. There is no contract and no obligation to join after your initial four week period.

Further details of our membership options and prices can be found on our Timetable & Prices page.

Is there a Fast Track option if I have previously been a member of another CrossFit gym?

If you have previous experience of CrossFit and feel that you have the ability / confidence to get started with our program straight away, please email us at and we will arrange for you to have an individual consultation with our Head Coach.  

How do I sign up?

If you would like to sign up for our next Foundations course or if you have any further questions, please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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