Order Fresh Meals

We appreciate that most people lead busy lifestyles with numerous daily commitments outwith training. It is difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals for the week and far too easy to grab an unhealthy snack when on the go or hungry. In addition, many of us have a limited number of options on the household menu, even if they are healthy, which often results in a lack of nutrients as well as our bodies becoming overly familiar with the same old nutritional routine. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer a convenient yet delicious solution to assist with achieving goals of fat loss, muscle gain, performance and health. 


Prep Kitchen 

Prep Kitchen prepare delicious, expertly prepared macro-counted meals that are inspired by cuisine from around the world using the freshest ingredients. All meals are served with at least two portions of vegetables and are delivered chilled (never frozen), straight to your door. Choose from Muscle Gain or Fat Loss options depending upon your nutritional goals. All meals can also be ordered with either Balanced or Performance (lower carb for performance bodybuilding) macros. Meals are delivered straight to your door via DPD on a Sunday with an allocated one-hour time slot. All meals last until Friday.

All CrossFit Stewarton members can receive a 10% discount on all meals by using the code CROSSFITSTEWARTON at the checkout.

For more information about Prep Kitchen and to order please see their website www.prepkitchen.co.uk.

Please note that if you set up a recurring order with Prep Kitchen you can edit the meals selected each week by logging onto your Prep Kitchen account and editing the order. Recurring orders cannot be edited after the payment has been taken.