CrossFit Stewarton Testimonials

“I started CrossFit Stewarton a total beginner 6 months ago and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I had been away from fitness for a couple of years after having a baby and I was really over weight.  The change in my shape, strength and endurance in 6 months is like night and day.  I am doing movements I never thought possible and I am looking forward to where I’ll be in another 6 months.  Each class is like a personal training session as Robbie is always on hand to help with movement and technique, and the workout is always scaled to suit everyone’s ability.  Everyone at CrossFit Stewarton is very friendly and I have made many new friends through the classes.”

Jacquie Paterson - Joined CrossFit Stewarton in January 2016.

“Since stopping playing rugby in the New Year (2016) I needed something that would challenge me in a similar way.  Joining CrossFit Stewarton was exactly what I was looking for!  Robbie and Kirsty's first class coaching knowledge, coupled with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, really does make going to gym such an enjoyable experience.  I urge anyone who has lost interest in fitness or training to give this place a go, you won't look back...”

Ryan Barr (Physio: - Joined CrossFit Stewarton in February 2016.


Anonymous feedback obtained through an online member feedback questionnaire (June 2016):

 Q. What do you like best about CrossFit Stewarton?

  • "Quality of coaching."

  • "The weekly talks about Game of Thrones first and foremost, then I would have to say the excellent programming. I like the fact I don't have to think about what I'm doing in the gym as Robbie has it all covered. If we follow the program, we get better, fitter and stronger. I also like the group of people we have. I like that we train together, eat together and drink together."

  • "The coaching, there's no bullshit! I know if I want to improve that you will do whatever you can to help! I like the community at CFS."

  • "I like that the only thing that matters is that everyone appreciates the amount of effort you put into a WOD and not how long it takes you, not how you look when doing and your body type in general. The general feel of the place is great everyone is friendly, supportive and willing to help. It creates a generally great atmosphere to work and hang out in."

  • "Friendly, relaxed, welcoming, flexible membership options."

  • "I really enjoy seeing the improvements I'm making in weight lifting. It's a great atmosphere with lovely people. I'm delighted to be a part of it."

  • "The help and support from coaches who I've come to know as friends! Love ya guys!"

  • "It's a completely new challenge for me. It's very tough, no 2 classes are the same and I have noticed a difference in my strength. I also mainly joined due to the 6.15am classes and think these are fab."

  • "The community. I love that everyone of all levels completes the wods together and encourages one another. It's amazing to watch those who have been going to crossfit for years complete moves you think you will never be able to do. It's inspiring to workout alongside and pushes you to give it your all."