Payment Options


All new members are entitled to a FREE trial week (max. 3 sessions) and individual consultation prior to joining.

A. Unlimited Membership: £60 per month.

The CrossFit Stewarton unlimited membership grants unlimited access to all CrossFit classes and Open Gym.

B. Couples Membership (unlimited): £110 per month (£55 each).

C. Student Membership (unlimited): £45 per month.

D. 3x per Week Membership: £50 per month.

The 3x per week membership allows for attendance of up to three CrossFit classes per week.

E. Drop-in (after free taster week): £8 per class.

F. Girls WOD: FREE for members / £5 pay-as-you-go for non-members (booking necessary).

G. Personalised Nutrition Support: £40 per month for members / £60 for non-members

For more information about CrossFit Stewarton and to sign up for your FREE trial week please click here.

* Monthly payments will be billed using Wodify software. Please note that all CrossFit membership subscriptions are based on a minimum period of three months. All new members are therefore required to pay a refundable joining fee equal to the first month's membership payment, which acts as a deposit in the event of early membership termination. After the initial three-month period, all memberships switch to a rolling monthly contract, at which point membership can be terminated with 30 days' notice.  The joining fee will be refunded upon membership cessation assuming the required notice period has been provided.